the inevitable demise of the corporation...and how to save it?


the inevitable demise of the corporation...and how to save it?


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Professor Philip Kotler - S. C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

"I enjoyed this book. It has a punchy quality and is hard to put down. In Built to Suck, Jaffe prescribes the four best pills to prolong the life of your company.”

Douglas Rushkoff - Founder, Laboratory of Digital Humanism and Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics, CUNY/Queens; Research Fellow, Institute for the Future

"Corporations suck, but commerce doesn’t have to. Other than scrapping business altogether and starting the economy all over again so that it serves real people, this is the best map to taking your company from here to there." 

Barbara Corcoran - Founder of The Corcoran Group & Shark on hit TV show Shark Tank

“The Entrepreneurial Revolution is real. Joseph offers up a clear and accurate assessment of the current landscape and where its heading. There is a new world order and it’s being run by startups!”

Chris Burggraeve - former CMO AB InBev, founder Vicomte, author of “Marketing is Finance is Business”

"Jaffe may feel at first like the High Sparrow of Paranoia. He is in fact Andy Grove 2.0 - a master provocateur on steroids. Strip away the raw and uncomfortable, and his core survival message is more painfully relevant than ever."

Jim Stengel - Author of Unleashing the Innovators and Grow,  and former Global Marketing Officer,  Procter & Gamble

"With his inimitable style, Joe paints a dire picture for large companies…but then counters with a simple,  pragmatic “four-pillar” antidote. I suggest you read on, and get to work on building your business on Joe’s four pillars."

Bob Liodice - CEO, Association of National Advertisers

"Joseph Jaffe has done it again. This time, he’s brilliantly demonstrated how companies' ages are just like people. Corporations must stay young, fit and agile – or face the outcomes of company weight gains, vision problems, hearing difficulties, flab, dementia and an early death. Jaffe keeps us focused on growth, vibrancy and relevancy – the ingredients for long term riches and rewards – and a happy life. Thank you, Joe, for this fascinating perspective."


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Press / Appearances

  • Cheddar TV discussing Chipotle and Sonos - Watch here 
  • Discussing Nike "Shoegate" on WPIX - Clip here 

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  • SxSW (Austin) - I will be doing one of my first presentations on "Built to Suck" on Tuesday, March 12th at 11am - find out more here
  • Brussels (Belgium) in May - more information soon
  • Cape Town (South Africa) in May - Private engagement
  • Las Vegas (September 16-17) - Keynoting at Brandmanage Camp - find out more here

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